Barrel Zinc Plating on Steel Products for the Trucking/Transportation Industry

Industrial Electroplating Company, Inc. was selected by a Michigan customer to provide continuous daily electroplating services on high volumes of parts. This challenging requirement was facilitated through the use of advanced equipment and our ability to provide comprehensive logistical services.

We created a custom-designed automated plating system based on a barrel plating system. Twenty of these plating stations were created to ensure enough capacity was available for the customer. Under normal conditions about 18,000 parts per shift were handled on a 24-hours a day basis. The parts were steel and plated with zinc for corrosion protection purposes, followed by an alkaline cleaning. Parts were received, processed, and delivered in 12 hours or less.

These demanding circumstances were handled with ease thanks to our flexibility in facilitating such requirements with a custom solution. Industrial Electroplating remains dedicated to offering services that do not shy away from advanced challenges.


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Project Highlights of the Barrel Zinc Plating Steel Products

Product Name
Barrel Zinc plating on Steel Products
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Automated Plating System Design and Construction
Zinc Plating - Barrel
Alkaline Cleaning

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Large Automated Barrel Plating System - 20 Plating Stations
Material Plated
Material Finish
Zinc Plated
Additional Facts
Customer required 24 hour service on several thousand pounds of parts daily
In process testing/inspection performed
Visual Inspection, Adhesion Testing, Corrosion Resistance
RoHS Compliance
Industry for Use
18,000 lbs. of parts per shift
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 to 2 days
Delivery Location
Gastonia, NC
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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