Rack Zinc Plating of Formed Steel for the Defense Industry

A customer for the defense industry asked Industrial Electroplating to apply a heavy thickness of zinc electroplating .001” min (25um) to formed sheet metal that would then be coated with CARC paint. The plating had to meet ASTM B633, Type V, Class Fe/Zn 25. The challenges were many:

  • Meet the minimum thickness of plating along all areas of the part
  • Ensure the heavy thickness had no adhesion problems
  • Apply a clear passivate that not only would meet salt spray testing per ASTM 117 but also would allow the paint to adhere
  • Meet the high-volume of production required

  • After meeting with suppliers, a high build passivate was chosen and tested and approved. At the same time, a prototype rack was tested and approved.

    After processing prototypes, the process was approved. Because of the success of the project, the large defense contract approved Industrial Electroplating as a source for many other plating projects.

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    Project Highlights of Rack Zinc Plating of Formed Steel

    Product Name
    Rack Zinc Plating of Formed Steel
    Capabilities Applied/Processes
    Zinc Electroplating - Rack
    Alkaline Cleaning
    Clear Passivate Coating

    Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
    Rack Plating System
    Plating Specifications
    Thickness : 0.001" min (25um)
    Material Plated
    Formed Steel
    Material Finish
    Zinc Plated
    In process testing/inspection performed
    Visual Inspection, Adhesion Testing, Salt Spray Testing
    Industry for Use
    Defense industry
    High Volume
    Standards Met
    Customer Specifications
    ASTM B633, Type V, Class Fe/Zn 25
    ASTM 117

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