Industrial Electroplating Company, Inc. offers powder coating services as an environmentally responsible means of giving products a visually appealing, long-lasting finish that is resistant to corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion, and extreme environmental conditions. We offer a diverse range of formulations, colors, textures, and glosses that we match to your application requirements and our seasoned experts are capable of achieving uniform coverage on the most highly detailed, hard to reach, and complex geometric features.

Our automatic conveyor system is capable of handling parts with dimensions up to 4′ in length, 3′ in width, 5′ in height, and weighing up to 300 lbs. We operate a coordinated, multi-stage washing system to ensure all products receive proper surface preparation, and our large cure ovens contain IR boosters to ensure the most efficient curing time and best quality finish.

Able to process prototype and low volume jobs with the same efficiency as high volume orders, we provide quality services with fast turnarounds and highly competitive pricing. We operate with honesty and integrity, and our powder coated finishes are guaranteed not to chip, flake, wear, or fade over a long lifetime of use.

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