Industrial Electroplating Company, Inc. is a premier provider of high quality, fast-turnaround zinc plating services. Inside our large, modern facility, seven computer-controlled electroplating lines enable us to rapidly process high volume orders, while three manual lines allow us to plate prototype and low volume orders within the same 1-2 day period. Our high level of process efficiency enables us to keep prices very competitive, and our personalized service keeps us a cut above the competition.

Our multi-station cleaning conveyor ensures parts are free from dirt and other surface contaminants prior to plating operations. Continuously monitored chemistries on our rack and barrel zinc plating lines produce uniform, attractive, and durable finishes that exhibit outstanding resistance to impact, corrosion, and wear. Both hexavalent and RoHS-compliant trivalent conversion coatings are available with a variety of color and corrosion resistance properties. We can also apply organic sealers for added protection. Equipped to process parts measuring up to 11’ in length, 48” in width, 24” in height, and weighing up to 800 lbs, we visually inspect and test all parts for plating adhesion, coating thickness, and corrosion resistance.

In business since 1971, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and we are capable of adhering to many ASTM, ISO, and Mil-spec standards. We operate with extreme agility, which allows us to keep turnaround times fast and pricing low. Contact us today to learn how our quality zinc plating services can benefit your next project.